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Mayumi Maeda

Born in 1964, in Kobe. Now lives in Kyoto with her husband and 5 cats.

Alongside studying English literature in Kobe College to get LA degree, learned drawings at the private artschool run by Japanese painter Yuji Sugiura.  Started to work for illustrations and writings since 1994.

Adore: Drawing, painting, writing, sewing, reading, linen, cats, nature.

Co-founder of LINNET.



2014 release:

‘Migloo’(original author: William Bee, published by Walker Books UK) Japanese translation from Sogensha, JAPAN

2013 release:

‘Nono hana gohan’ (Feast with Wild herbs) from Hakusensha, JAPAN

2012 release:

‘Ikimono zukan ehon’ (Picture book for animals in Japan) from Asunaro Shobo, JAPAN.

2010 release:

Book in Book titled: ‘Mayumi Maeda’s wild flower notebook: from Emily Dickinson’s garden’ for magazine MOE/ March issue.

‘Poly Ohana no Tane o Maku’ (PHP)  translation from ‘La mission de Seraphine’ published by Mijade, Belgium.

‘No no Hana Ehon’ (Wild flowers picture book) for autumn and winter version will be published in about August 2010, from Asunaro Shobo.



No no Hana Ehon  for Spring and Summer : Asunaro Shobo 2009

Itsumo no Watashi, Natural na Fuku: Bunka publishing beaureau 2009

Basics for Girls: Bunka publishing beaureau 2007

Kimi Daare? (Who is it?): Shufu to seikatsu sha 2005

White and Natural: Bunka publishing beaureau 2004

Fudan no Kurashi ga Suki (I love everyday life) : Daiwa Shobo 2003

Ribbon la la la : Iwasaki Shoten 2002

Linen ga Suki (Everyday with Linen) :2002

Kusabana no Mahou Book ( Flower’s miracles) 2001

Yume miru Garden no Tsukurikata (How to make the fascinating garden):PHP 2000

Imomushi Papi wa Shitateya-san (Caterpiller Papi, a Seamstress) :PHP 1998

Little Garden no Shiawase (Happy Little Garden): Chikuma Shobo 1997

Watashi no Little Garden 12kagetsu (12 months in My Little Garden ): Bronze Shinsha 1997

Tsugumi no Present ( the Present from a Thrush) : Bronze Shinsha1996

Little Garden Book : Bronze Shinsha 1994


2007~  Panasonic Denko Calendar

2008~ Flower sketches Calendar


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