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* linen gauze

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I took this photo last year, and can remind that I was trying to catch the gentle atmosphere of this fabric- linen gauze from our collection.
This item have been sold out for months and finally came back to our stock recently. it is really nice indeed, i’m realizing again having a look after an interval a while.
Tomoko is a  college student and our part-time staff now. she is talented for hand-made and designs in my view, and I asked her to make some cosages by our fabrics, in order to use in the photos for my next book ( making book of the kids garments) which is scheduled to publish next year. She made some cute soft flowers using linen gauzes and so on and I liked them very much.(Sorry, i can show them only next year)
and also i was happy to hear her comments saying ‘ I was so surprised by the nice results derived from the high quality fabrics’
actually i have a same feeling as usual. in hand made, we can have a best results whan we use the good and high quality fabrics even in making by very simple is like a cooking using good meats, fishes and vegetables.  
producing high quality linen is not so simple, at least it costs even high.
those high quality fabrics cannot be easy to get particularly for young people like Tomoko, who is a student,but i was happy that she found the truth by herself and share same feeling with me.


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