* Forest in Korkeasaari, Helsinki

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Seashore in Korkeasaari

in the former half of this November, I have traveled to Budapest and Helsinki.

My main mission was to attend the CELC(European Linen Union) congress held in Budapest, and I am going to write about Budapest later.

Here today, I am writing about my little experience to walk in the small forest in Helsinki.

Initially I was to visit Korkeasaari zoo to see real moose and reindeer. More happy for me, there were small forest beside the zoo entrance having small pathways to take a walk.

You can walk through the serenity in the forest then get to the quiet seashore…

I fell in love with this location, so I went to walk there for all 3 days of my stay during short daytime.

It was cloudy and misty for the first 2 days, and on the last day, was a beautiful sunny day.

But still beautiful on the misty day as well. It was covered by silence, slightly lonely and a bit scared…

That  reminded me of Russian picuture book titled ‘ Hedgehog in the Mist’ in which story a hedgehog is walking in the deep forest alone to bring a pot of jam to his friend… The readers can feel really saved and warmed when he reaches his friends house with lovely warm welcome.

That kind of story is created to be with such a loneliness in the nature, to console it, to encourage people living in the deep nature, I realized.

Such a serenity, low sunshine, and birds singing… all cleansed my soul.

By the way, the sea was so calm and I wondered it was a real sea. There are papylus type grassed on the shore, and it looked like a lake.

So I tasted the water and found it is not very salty!

Later I asked this question to a friendly reception girl at the hotel I was staying.

She said it is definitely the sea, but indeed it is not very salty there, especially at the time of the water surface is covered by the ice.

By the way, I found that these scenery in the forest, especially on the misty day, it looks tinted with slightly pink-beige color… then I found the reason why.

There, the sand or the earth has tendency to pink-beige color, because of the granitoid in terreestrial formation.

In downtown as well, many granitoid type stones are used for the buildings, and also they are covering the street.

So in the misty weather, I guess the small ball of water in the air reflects the pink-beige color of the soil.(This is actually my husband’s opinion, and I totally agree with him)

I spent those 3 days almost by walking through this small forest and seashore, besides went a little shopping to buy cinnamon role for souvenir and encyclopedia  for birds and plants  .

It was very happy and fruitful trip for me.

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