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This is the work I do monthly,  the cover art&text on ‘Tsubame no Ouchi’ (means: Sparrow’s House), which is the annex leaflet  for picture books published by Froebel-Kan Co.,Ltd.

This July issue is offering a simple recipes to make a herb tea jelly, with camomile or mint.

It is to be printed in 2 colours, but unfortunately I am not very good at working for pictures in 2 colours…  Well, actually I can draw it in black and the other colour off course, though incapable by my daily use materials-watercolours with colour pencils.

At first I tried several ways to maintain my aiming quality with softness, but finally I found it better to work with my usual materials for full colour art works, then to ask my art director to ‘divide’ the colour to print it using just 2 colour inks.

And it worked very successfully!

I am so delighted about the results, as those printed images come out in excellent quality far more than I expected. Additionally, it seems getting nicer and nicer month by month.(You can see the above image is printed just in 2 colours- blue and orange.)

Encouraged by this experience, I am now thinking that it might be nice to make a picture book in 2 colour printings.

The excellent teamwork made me awakened to get the new idea, which I have never thought of before.

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