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I’ve longed for having the linen waffle as our collection, but it was hard to find the nice one.
sometimes it just looks like damask ,and the idea had occured in my mind that the linen doesn’t suit to be woven as waffle fabric. it seemed that the waffle can be good only by cotton or half cotton for me long time.
however, finally we found the most preferrable waffle fabric from our weavers’ new sample. So we are now happy to have it in our collection. This linen 100% waffle is perfectly nice especially as the bath mat. The rather heavy weight which is particular as linen is also good on the floor!I hope you can enjoy it.
By the way, this summer, I went to see the exhivision of Foujita, the painter.
I didn’t have much informations about him, I just know his name as the cafe’s name at the centre de Franco-japonais in Kyoto but I heard that he was very famous in France, much more than in Japan.
I hurried there at the last day and had a look of the paintings among the jam of people.It was surprising! because the canvas was so smooth and flat and shiny just like a porcelains.
I said ‘he is very good at painting!’ and my husband laughed for that, but that was my straight feeling.
Yes, he was very good at painting,  not only by the technique but also with emotions, but anyway his skill was so remarkable. I’ve realized that the painting is the ‘objet’, not just the ‘expression’.
Foujita was fond of sewing as well,and the caps and shoulder-bags by his own handmade were also exhibited there.it was also very impressive!

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