* Bunny on Apron

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This is our most recent work, designed and produced to special order from Kurosaka Pediatric and Allegic Clinic in Himeji, Japan.

Honestly, I was so delighted to receive the lovely request from them, and also very impressed when I was asked to put some small bunnies or birds among the large flower patterns, in order that kids patients can be happy to notice those small animals.

In Japan, it is not so often that hospital or clinic adopt such a  cheerful kind of design in their  facilities. I heard that, when Dr.Kurosaka was working in Britain, he found a hospital had a beautiful curtain with large flower pattern, then he decided to follow the idea  to create happy atomosphere in his own clinic.  So, this apron which we made is already 3rd generation of what they adopted.

I am just so happy to have involved in this work, and also very honored that my artwork  is used for the place where people can be ‘cured’.

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