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* Adventure of Dook-Doo, Little Squirrel

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The beautiful book in Russian. I’ve got it once last year via an agency who are dealing with the books written in Russian (basically for researchers), and just a few weeks ago, could get another copy for LINNET shop.

This is the reproduction of the book released in 1970s. The artist (Viktor Pivovalov) of this beautiful works seems to be one of the famous conceptual artist in that age in Russia.

The story is also lovely and beautiful. Dook-doo is a name of the little squirrel boy, who is shy and coward, but he faced to get into massive(for him) adventure, and he’s got more confident boy at last.

Russia is always in controversy here in Japan, almost always in conflict but also it is our next country.

Being given ‘Russian Tale’ book in my childhood, which I liked so much and read many dozens of times, I have a kind of close feeling toward its original culture.

I feel some ‘crystal clear’ nature friendly mentality from Dook-Doo story, which can be produced by the people live confronting huge natural environment.


* Pray

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My newest book, 2nd volume about autumn and winter for wildflowers in Japan,has been released last week.

if somebody asked me  how  I feel in my mind while I work for painting pictures,

I would answer, I feel like to pray…

The Japanese empress Michiko, said ‘ The imperial family in Japan should be ‘prayer’.’

The ‘pray’  for Nature or worship to Nature is  basis of Japanese mentality.  Maybe I just  have the feeling naturally.

It is not the pray based on the written doctrine. if I have to explain it by words, I would say,

it is something like a desire to be united within nature…


* Kindle in Japan

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In coming March, the picture book for kids, for which I have translated into Japanese will be released.

The original book is ‘La mission de Seraphine’ text by Sylvie Auzary-Luton, illustration by Myriam Deru, published by Mijade, a Belgian publisher. (Original text was in French, but I was given English text as well.)

For this book, I found it interesting , that the story includes a scene the mouse girl and her friend were so upset that they teased the naughty snail. (Finally happy ending) In Japan, we do not often have this kind of reality in children’s books, so i was impressed about it illustrates kids’ life naturally.

Nice happy story with beautiful and lovely illustrations, i am so delighted to have worked for this book.

By the way ,  I like to read books in English, and I often purchase from directly, not only from amazon., so I have got amazon kindle last month.

it’s great! so nice for a person like me who loves reading on the couch.

first I was surprised because  it was delivered  just 2 days after my order to amazon, shipped directly from the US!

one of my cat ‘nyanka’ also checking the kindle.

at the beginning, i was wondering whether I can know correctly where in the book I am, but it was no worrying. because it shows where we reach by persentage in below on the screen,and I got used to it completely when I was finishing to read the first book in kindle.

The first book i read in kindle is ‘Scat’ by Carl Hiaasen. the suspense story for children, but intresting enough for adults too.

In Japan, e-book business was once collapsed in a few years ago, I think one reason was the shortage of contents. Japanese publishers were not very willing to release the book contents for e-book devices, but I think the overall structure of publishing business in Japan should also face to drastic change shortly… and I am also involved in publishing in Japan, so…what’s next?

Personally I think, especially the visual books are better to have in real paper book style, while the books with just text  can definitely work well on e-books. So those paper books will persue more ‘ substantial beauty’ , then it will be more closer to ‘gift’ (which we call ‘zakka’ in Japanese, in spite not meaning exactly ‘gift’ but I think it indicates same kind of goods as ‘gifts’), with beautiful design, paper stuffs and so on.


* New Book

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My Newest book will be released at the end of this month (April 2009). This book is coming with full colour illustrations for wildflowers grown in Japan. I have done all of the illustrations and texts and it took almost for 4 years since the project started until it will be out!

these days , it is getting really spring here. In taking a walk around my home, I found various wildflowers blooming and I remind of the same season in last year, I went out to get them for sketching.

Above right is the cover of the book ‘Nonohana Ehon’(means Picture book for Wildflowers’), and the left is the one of my sketchings for this book.( I’ve used the technique to make the paper look old )


* Flower Sketches

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A few days ago, I have just completed the last art work for the calendar 2008, for which I’ve been concentrated these 2 months.I am showing one of the works above.
This calendar would be published in this autumn to be sold in various stores including major bookshops all over Japan. Linnet also would carry it, off course.
By the way, recently we have increased numbers of customers from outside Japan. one of them was Mari from Los Angels. She was so friendly and I was so happy to meet her. She likes sewing and knitting very much.when I saw her, She had a bag she made herself, and it was so nicely designed that I thought she must be a product designer. it was my great happiness that she liked our original linen ‘classique porcelain blue’, click here to Mari’s blog.
Rachel lives in  Melbourne, Australia, and  I feel like being a friend with her, even though I’ve not yet see her directly, because I talked so much with her by email about a lot which both we like, such as linen and cat!
 I am attaching the photo of beautiful cussions of Rachel’s design( thank you Rachel!).Her brand is ‘Coussinages’, and she is now preparing to release items made with linens from LINNET !


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