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* A Happy New Year!

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I wish you a very happy and peaceful new year for 2011.

The above is Fuku [福」(means Happiness in Japanese), our beloved cat.

The very first meal in New Year is very important in Japan. It is time for reunion of the family as well.

I have cooked the meal called ‘Osechi‘ . It is to be served in the wooden box painted by ’Urushi‘ (a kind of juice taken from ivy family), and has a strict regulations about  what to eat, and how to put in the top, middle or bottom box.

Our life in Japan nowadays is very simplified with modern high-techs, but I feel we are rather conservative about food all the time.  We often have traditional style Japanese cuisine, as well as we love to eat steak and frites, hamburgers or pastas.


* yakinasu

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These days I often cook yakinasu ‘ grilled aubergene’ which is the traditional japanese dish. yakinasu is yammy to eat simply with soy sauce, ginger and so, but also put in some nimono(stew) such as nikujaga which is the stew of beef with potatoes.
I cook yakinasu by grilling directly on the fire, not using net or pan. My husband was so surprised to see how I cook it at the first time 14 years ago, because in that way, I just burn aubergenes on the fire!
But I believe this is the best way to cook yakinasu. after ‘burning’ I peel the aubergenes with running water.
it is fun!
I honestly believe yakinasu can be a good companion in salad with oil and vinegar as well,;try and enjoy!


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