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* Did the big-bang happen?

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From my childhood, I was fond of  reading about universe. Now as a picturebook writer, I have an ambition to make a picture book about universe… which is still just my personal dream.

I would like to make the book as the crossover of science and history… so I am thinking to show the oldest mythes about the universe and the latest theory. But the science is progressing always, and the newest theory is always having a possibility to be revised.

At the very end of the last January, I was given to know ,by the internet news ,that Dr Stephen Hawking announced there may be no black holes in universe, in the meaning we recognized until now, and theoretical physicists in all over the world are seriously shocked.

I am not very sure about the details because of lack of my comprehension, but Dr Hawking says there are only ‘grey holes’ and the famous ‘ event horizen’(if matters go over this horizen, nothing can come back, because of too heavy gravity) does not appear to exist…

Yes it is shocking off course. Because, as a fan of astrophysics, I have long been reading quite a lot books saying about the big-bang , black holes  and so on.

However, does the ‘grey hole’ make sense really???

I was also given to know the growing numbers of astro physicists are doubting the big-bang theory. And I came across the idea about ‘plasma universe’  which is a candidate to be an alternative, if the big-bang theory collapsed.

I myself tend to love ‘thinking’ all the time, so those pure theories developed these days for universe was very impressive, such as super strings and holographic universe, the theories derived from the big-bang model.

Holographic universe was most of my favorite.The theory mainly led by Dr Susskind in US,is telling that the every information for our reality is stored in 2 dimentional black hole surface, over the ‘event horizen’ , and we are just a holographic image of that 2 dimentional reality. It means we are not real! Myself, my husband, my friends, cats, works, the spider-web in my garden, the singing bird, everything is not real.

It is a terrifying story but also in a way beautiful like a horror literature. But at the same time, I have started doubting those whole system of the theories we were told, because, the holographic universe seemed to me ‘going too far’ as science. (meanwhile, the super strings is more likely for me, as everything in the natural world seems to be concerning with the wave function.)

If the blackhole does not exist, holographic universe also does not  exist. And it can affect all the fondamental of modern astrophysic’s ’standard model’ which we have long since believed.

But this is not the first time to have the objection against the standard model- the big bang. For example, after 2000s,  Some galaxies are being found,  of which age is to be estimated rather longer than the age of the universe itself estimated by the big bang theory.

I can not find my way of solution toward this question, so meanwhile my idea about the picture book about universe for children is now pending.